Course Overview

Welcome to our training programme

We are pleased to present you with our programme of training and here you can explore our course catalogue to find a number of options to meet your requirements. We also work flexibly and can arrange half-day or shorter sessions if this is more suitable for you.

How our courses are structured

The course catalogue below is our standard 1-day training programme. Our timetable is 930am-500pm with a half-hour meal break. We also have two short coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon. For offsite courses we are happy to provide food and refreshments.

Key features of our courses

discussion points

We divide the class into small groups and present each with a list of statements to consider and debate. We explore these statements to seperate fact from fiction and explode a few myths along the way.

work-based case studies

Our vast experince in the workplace has enabled us to provide you with a huge repertoire of cases based on real-life events  and experience. We help you develop a schematic approach to problem-solving with our unique PIP-action cycle

review of key sections of law

We analyse the existing law and its requirements, including any recent updates and the penalties for non-compliance. We also ask students to consider regulations, codes of practice and guidance notes and how to adopt best practice arising from these guidelines.

case law workshop

We have gathered together a number of real cases on each subject from the courts and tribunals and ask students to discuss how they think the case was settled and why. We then compare this with the real outcome and consider what can be learnt from these judgements and we can promise there are quite a few surprises along the way!

building good practice and policy

We compare different examples of policy and practice to determine which would be the best fit for any given organisation. We also give some hints and tips based on our own experience.

course review and action plan

We ask students to reflect upon what they have learnt and how they will put this into practice by producing a list of bulleted action points