Employee Training

Health and safety induction

It is vitally important that new employees receive the correct safety training upon induction. Failure to do so has been shown to be a major contributor to accidents and safety failures. We provide a flexible training programme, the example listed here is a core training template

By coming on our course employees will learn about

  • working safely
  • safe manual handling
  • fire prevention and precautions
  • first aid awareness and appreciation
  • personal safety
  • security and major incidents
  • who can help them with health and safety
  • legal requirements for employers and employees
  • reporting hazards and accidents

Working as a team

Effective team working does not happen by accident, it has to be carefully nurtured and the evidence shows that training and instruction is a major part of the process.

By coming on our course employees will learn about

  • the different types of workplace and style of working
  • work cultures and environments
  • working as part of a team
  • why work teams succeed or fail
  • equality and diversity

Equality,dignity and diversity at work for employees

All employees need to be versed in the basic tenets of equality preferably at the induction stage. This is an important partof creating a positive culture and building high expectations. 

By coming on our course employees will learn about

  • working together
  • what is meant by diversity
  • what the law requires you to do
  • what you can expect from your employer

Learning to lead

Employees are often thrown in the deep end when asked to lead a team with little or no prior training or instruction and are then expected to learn by their mistakes. Here is an opportunity to provide some support for aspiring managers

By coming on our course employees will learn about

  • styles of management
  • forming a development pathway 
  • reviewing learning requirements
  • coaches, mentors and pathfinders

Other training

we can provide custom made training for employees of either half-day and full- day modules and would be delighted to dicuss the different options with you